Umayal Annamalai


I am an abstract expressionist and mixed media artist. I create visual interpretations of my inner journey towards self-discovery. Through my art, I also explore how I connect with my authentic inner-self and the outer world. I believe that all life is connected, and I find ways to depict that synergy in my art.

I grew up in India amid vivid colors, which to do this day influences me to use bright colors in my art. I am a self-taught artist. I began my artistic journey painting landscape art. As I grew as an artist, I delved into discovering myself through art. Being a survivor of childhood trauma, I employ textured backgrounds to depict my mental scars. Over the textured background, I progressively add layers of color and intricate patterns to bring harmony to my work. I utilize mark-making tools, palette knives, acrylic inks, acrylic paints, and stencils to make art.

Healing is an intricate part of my art. As a survivor of childhood trauma, I strive to bridge the gap between mental health issues and emotional awareness. I intuitively play with colors and patterns without worrying about the outcome; this helps to show vulnerability and bottled-up emotions in my work. Expressing them makes me feel empowered. The subject of my creations emerges from the textured layers of my past. At the same time, it reminds me that the past can’t define who I am becoming.

In the next phase of my journey, I intend to create workshops to guide others in their journey towards self-discovery through art.

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